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Regimental Sergeant Major
CWO Mercer, MMM, MSM, CD
Commanding Officer
LCol  S. Graham, MSM, CD
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Reg Munden (84)
October 2015

Howie Bodfield (77)
October 2015

Cyrus Gaskin (95)
September 2015

Frank Gabriel (70)
September 2015

C/S 8 - Facilitating First Line Support to the Regiment
Posted on November 25 , 2015
On 14 Oct 2015, HQ Sqn Advance Party deployed to Ex Walking Dragoon in Meaford, Ontario. The party consisted of the SSM and his set-up crew, along with elements of transport, maintenance, RQMS, cooks and SHQ. When arriving in Meaford, members stayed on base in weather havens and ate in the base kitchen.                                                   
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Colonel in Chief
HRH The Prince of Wales
Colonel of The Regiment
MGen M. Macdonald
Regimental Patron
Mr David Batten
Archived Articles
All Ranks Dinner/Dance
Posted on November 16, 2015
The All Ranks Dinner and Dance is the highlight of The Regiment’s social calendar, and this year was no exception.  The Regiment spared no expense to make the event a memorable one.                                  
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Maintenance Support Ex WALKING DRAGOON
Posted on November 22, 2015
“88 this is 8.” What follows can be anything that relates to the repair or recovery of any aspect of the vehicle fleet or the camp infrastructure.  During any exercise there are many aspects that fall under the purview of RCEME, including bolt extractions, trailer modifications, injector replacements on Coyotes, camp wiring or rectifying deficiencies found on weapon systems.                          
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The Supply Process and Log Troop Support to Ex WALKING DRAGOON 2015
Posted on November 22, 2015
From 19-30 October 2015, the Royal Canadian Dragoons traveled to Meaford, ON for Ex WALKING DRAGOON.  In order to support the exercise, Log Tp deployed with HQ Sqn to fulfill its primary role of providing SPSS, G&T and LPO support to the RCD.
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Ex Walking Dragoon with D Squadron
Posted on November 24, 2015
From the 19 to 30 October, D Squadron deployed with the Regiment to 4 Division Area Training Centre Meaford for Ex WALKING DRAGOON. The aim of the exercise was to train as a Cavalry Squadron in preparation for Ex CHARGING DRAGOON. Training included 3 days in the Rural Manoeuver Area (RMA) outside the base, followed by 25mm shoots on a conventional range, and finally a dynamic range that included a Squadron advance to contact and a live hasty attack.                       
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HQ Sqn Support to Walking Dragoon
Posted on November 26 , 2015
After receiving a warning order in August, HQ Squadron began planning for its involvement in Exercise WALKING DRAGOON (Ex WD).  This two week long exercise would see the Regiment deploy to the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford, Ontario in order to conduct Level 4 Live Fire Ranges and Field Training at the Squadron Level.                                                
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2015 Leliefontein Senior NCOs’ and Officers’ Dining-In
Posted on November  26 , 2015
On November 6th, 2015 the Officers and Senior NCOs of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, along with guests and spouses assembled to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Regiment’s actions at Leliefontein.  This event not only provided the Regiment with an occasion to celebrate its history, but also allowed members of the Regiment and their families to re-establish ties in a fine dining atmosphere.                                          
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