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Iron Warrior Competition 2018: Gallery
Iron Warrior Competition 2018: Gallery
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Spring/Summer Update from the West Coast Chapter
Posted july 4, 2018
This Spring I was contacted by Mr. Ralph Langdon, the son of Major Howey Langdon [ret’d]. Howey served with the RCD from 1951-1976. Ralph informed me that his father had passed a number of years prior but he had some of his father’s military memorabilia that he thought should be returned to the regiment.

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Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV)
Posted May 28, 2018
The Royal Canadian Dragoons saw an influx of Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV) in 2018. This meant a need for training the entire Regiment in driving and fighting this vehicle. Due to the initiative of many, training began immediately upon arrival of the new vehicle. This resulted in the continuous training of soldiers of The Regiment, and other units within 2 CMBG as well as the Army Reserve (ARes).

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Posted May 27, 2018
A Squadron of The Royal Canadian Dragoons deployed to the Petawawa Rural Training Area for Ex CHARGING DRAGOON II from 16-20 Apr 18. The Squadron was comprised of three hybrid troops with both TAPV and Coyotes, an A echelon, Squadron command post, and a section of dedicated opposition force (OPFOR).

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NEW: 118th Anniversary of the Battle of Leliefontein Parade - Date:  3 November 2018    Location:  Worthington Parade Square    Time:  1000 hrs    Dress:  DEU 1A with Medals          The President of The Guild's Annual Report is now available under the Guild tab above.