On 3 November 2016 the Western Chapter of the RCD Association celebrated the action at Leliefontein. Truth be known, the action was celebrated by many Corps members as well those posted to our regimental families from the combat service support units and the service support arms. In essence it is our Fall black hat lunch, with Leliefontein the focal point. It is common knowledge that many of us served in at least two of our regiments and some in as many as five during their service. Thirty five members of the Corps family were in attendance. It is the biannual gathering of old family friends and significant others to renew acquaintances with our comrades in arms. The common thread is our Corps family and this year we were most fortunate to have not only a great representation from all our regiments, regular and reserve, but the Colonel Commandant, Colonel Georges Rousseau present for the occasion.

Colonel Georges gave us a short presentation on the health of the Corps and what the future may hold with regard to deployments, personnel and equipment. He also took the opportunity of presenting the Colonel Commandants Commendation to Major David Letson [FGH] who has provided yeoman service to the Corps for decades as well as to all Black Hats in the western region co-ordinating an array of activities such as this Leliefontein function.

Another auspicious occasion occurred just prior to the lunch and that was the passing of the RCD Western Chapter flag from Fred Berge to the new chair Darrell Dean, who in turn answers to the National Chair Denis [Badger] Levesque. Fred has spent countless years in Association activities at various levels and we owe him great respect and thanks for his dedication to Association activities.

Time was spent telling war stories and renewing old and new acquaintances prior to the lunch, which was held in the North Sannich Yacht Club. It is situated in beautiful location on the water at Sannich harbour on Vancouver Island. Following the Loyal toast, a toast to the Corps, the Regiment and The Fallen, Jack Dangerfield gave a briefing on the activities of the regiment followed by your western Chapter Chairman on the activities of the association. I am sure that you will find the pictures of more interest than consuming more verbiage from me.

Cheers from all of the West Coast Black Hats
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The New and Improved 2.0 Version of Fred Berg.
Georges Bordet [12e RBC] and a highly quaffed Peter Jarvis [RCD] trade lies.
Col. Georges presents the Colonel Commandants Commendation to David Letson.
Pat Patterson and Darrell Dean discuss RCD/ Strathcona mutual acquaintances..
Claudett Lake provides Gene some pre lunch instructions on appropriate conduct at such an auspicious event.
Fred Berg and Jack Dangerfield discuss the finer points of which is the real regimental tie.
Leliefontein 2016 at the Western Chapter
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