Allied Regiments
The Household Cavalry* (United Kingdom)
1-71 Cavalry Squadron of the 1st BCT, 10th Mountain Division* (America)

Canadian Militia Affiliation
The Governor General’s Horse Guards
Partnership Affiliation in Europe**
12e Regiment de Cuirassiers *** (France)
5th Battalion 68th Armour **** (United States)
293 Panzer Battalion (Germany)

* The former affiliation was the 1st Royal Dragoons which amalgamated
with The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) in 1969, to become the Blues and
** The Supreme Allied Commander Europe instituted the Partnership
Program to foster interoperability at the unit level, between the international
forces in Allied Command Europe.
*** 12e Regiment de Cuirassiers is also the French sister unit to 293 Panzer
**** 5/68 Armour was redesignated 3/77 Armour in November 1989.
The Household Cavalry on parade
Allied and Affiliated Units
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