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Regimental Anniversaries
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Special Anniversaries are dates that commemerate important dates in Regimental history.  These dates are as follows:
Leeuwarden Day - 15 April
Leeuwarden Day celebrates the liberation of the town of Leeuwarden. It is observed by raising the flag of the city Leeuwarden at the home of the Regiment, located at CFB Petawawa as well as operational locations. A similar ceremony takes place in Leeuwarden, Holland, with the raising of the Regimental flag to commemorate their Liberation on the 15th of April 1945.

Leliefontein Day - 7 November
The celebration of Leliefontein commemorates the actions of The Royal Canadian Dragoons during the Boer War and their achievement of 3 Victoria Crosses. It is observed by the reunion of present and former Dragoons, as well as a Regimental Dinner and a remembrance parade.

The Regimental Birthday - 21 December
The Regimental Birthday is celebrated by the holding of a small social function. Both in the Regiment Lines as well as where ever Dragoons hang their hat on the 21st of December each year.
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