A Squadron

A Squadron (A Sqn) is a medium weight, armoured reconnaissance squadron within The Royal Canadian Dragoons. The Sqn is led by the Officer Commanding (OC), Major John Maerz and the Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM), Master Warrant Officer Chester Tingley. It is currently comprised of three cavalry troops, an administration troop and the squadron headquarters. A Sqn has been a reconnaissance sqn since 2003, deploying to Bosnia as part of the RCD Battle Group in 2003 and to Afghanistan as part of Task Force Archer/Athena in 2007 and again in 2010.  In spring 2016 A Sqn embraced it’s new role as 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group’s (2 CMBG) Reconnaissance Squadron as part of Task Force TOMAHAWK, providing the brigade with a flexible, adaptive and responsive sub-unit manoeuvre element.


A Sqn’s role is to provide a flexible medium weight armoured manoeuvre element capable of conducting a wide spectrum of armoured tasks from traditional armoured reconnaissance to intimate direct fire support.  A Sqn ensures that it is always capable and prepared for these demands through ensuring the following guiding principles:

1.     Deployability

2.     Tactical Acumen

3.     Fitness - physical and mental

4.     Aggressive, winning attitude in all endeavours

5.     Pride


Enabling A Sqn in conducting their myriad of tasks is a compliment of modern military equipment.  Currently A Sqn is equipped with the following combat vehicles.


The Coyote weighs approximately 17 tons, is armed with a 25mm cannon, two 7.62mm C6 General Purpose Machine Guns, and eight Multi-Barrel Grenade Dischargers. An agile vehicle, the Coyote is capable of moving up to 100 km/hr on hard surfaces - a distinct advantage when covering the vast distances over which a Cav Sqn can be expected to operate. It can be fitted with a mast or remote-mounted surveillance system that gives the Coyote battlefield radar, day and thermal cameras and the ability to detect the enemy at significant distances.


The LAV III CPs are the backbone of the Sqn’s Command and Control capability, allowing the Sqn Commander to maintain the communications necessary to lead his Sqn over large and complex terrain. The LAV IIIs are larger than the Coyote and weigh in approximately 19 Tons; they have the same armament and similar performance in other regards. The two CPs are operated by the Sqn Battle Captain and Sqn Operations Warrant Officer respectively. The SSM also crews a LAV section carrier in order to provide comparable mobility to the cavalry troops and sufficient firepower to protect the Sqn echelon vehicles.


The Bison weighs approximately 14 tons, and is armed with a C6 General Purpose Machine Gun. Its performance on and off road is similar to the Coyote. It can currently be found in A Sqn in two variants: the Ambulance and Mobile Repair Team (MRT).


In the next few years, the Sqn will exchange its Coyote fleet for the new Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV).  In the more distant future, new LAVIII reconnaissance variants will arrive at the Regiment equipped with a modernized surveillance suite. These two new vehicles will give A Sqn increased flexibility and a more modern means to find, fix and destroy the enemy.
Maj Atkinson
Officer Commanding
MWO Gigacz
Squadron Sergeant Major
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