Ladies and Gents,

The RCD Association has seen its trials and tribulations. There seems to be a vision out there that the Association is based on older gentlemen that were only officers of the Dragoons. I understand that, however it’s not true. So not true that I decided to get involved to stamp out the stigma. I also understand that gathering with operational friends and colleges that had a significant impact on your life and banding together formed on an unimaginable bond. Well now you understand why we formed the RCD Association.

We have an unimaginable bond that was formed on respect for our Regiment, its former Members and future members of this fine Regiment, and so I ask that you take the time to reflect on joining our Association. Time will take our bodies and our friends but the RCD Association will forge on past that and hold those spirits far beyond our and your time.

This is why I have taken on the responsibilities of the Association. I see so many Dragoons gathering from coast to coast and think it’s great to see this act of respect for each other’s service. I would also like to see us gather as an Association in a larger group to maintain this spirit, forever forged as a united Association of Dragoons. This is not a place for just officers, it’s a place where we as Serving and Non Serving Dragoons can meet and re-ignite our passion for our Regiment, and meet those before us that have the same values. I hope this hits home for you as it hit home for me.

You see I was like you. I looked at the Association and turned my head, then realized what and who I was missing, from my time as a Tpr and found them within the Association. I now look forward to seeing soldiers of a new era enter the Association and take on those responsibilities to hold our torch high and move forward.

This may sound like a sales pitch. It’s not - most of you know who I am and what I stand for. It truly is an effort to make us all think of what we could have. Please consider joining the Royal Canadian Dragoons Association. We may not have a bar, but we serve friendship.

Denis (Badger) Levesque
President of the
Royal Canadian Dragoons Association
A Message from the RCD Association
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