Who are we?

Well we are a group of approx. 137 Members from around the Maritime Provinces and we are just like you, we are the Old and the Young soldiers of the Corps. Our Membership is comprised of retired and serving members of the Corps and a few retired Service Support pers. We are proud to say that we also have a few of the Spouses that have stayed with us even after the passing of their loved ones. We are proud and loyal to the Corps and the Regiments that we served with.

What do we do?

Well we stay in touch by gathering on the last Thursday of every month at Minglers Pub in Oromocto, 1130 for 1200hrs to break bread and tell great stories and catch up on the recent events/news and things happening within the Association/Corps. We also have a yearly chapter Dinner and Dance usually held at the WO&Sgt Mess Annex A4. It is always a great time. This is the event where some of the lads who live too far away to partake in the monthly luncheons will come. We attend all Regimental celebrations such as Leliefontein, Leeuwarden and any other functions that the RCACS and C Sqn RCD invite us to. We also send out by email all of the info that comes to our attention and by doing this it ensures that all of our membership who have access to email are kept current and up to date. We send out newsletters twice yearly to our members who do not have access to the internet.

In conclusion we are very proud of our organization here in the Maritimes and if you are reading this and you wish to join us just send either one of us an email and we will send you the form.

Chairman: Matt Robichaud mathurinrobichaud58@yahoo.ca

Treasurer: Lance Wiebe lwiebe0910@rogers.com

Secretary: John Bouwmeister John.Bouwmeister@forces.gc.ca
(Work); john.bouwmeister@sympatico.ca (Home)


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