A Battle Honour is an award of a right by a government or sovereign to a military unit to emblazon the name of a battle or operation on its flags ("colours"), uniforms or other accessories where ornamentation is possible.  In the case of The Royal Canadian Dragoons the Battle Honours can be found on our Guidon which is held with the unit at Garrison Petawawa (Ontario).

The Honours awarded to the RCD are as follows:

North West Canada 1885
South Africa 1900
Festubert 1915
Somme 1916-18
Cambrai 1917-18
St Quentin
Hindenburg Line
St Quentin Canal
Pursuit to Mons
France and Flanders 1915-18
Lire Valley
Gothic Line
Lamone Crossing
Misano Ridge
Sant Angelo in Salute
Fosso Vecchio
Italy 1944-45
Bad Zwischenahn
North West Europe 1945

(Those names not in boldface are not emblazoned on the Guidon)
The 4th Guidon of The Royal Canadian Dragoons emblazoned with 18 of the Regiment's Battle Honours.
Battle Honours
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