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Hello fellow Dragoons across the country. I know not many of you are moving out west these days due to our out of control housing prices. You don’t have to do a survey; all you have to do is eyeball our membership list. On the other hand those of us that got here when we could afford to love to keep contact with our comrades and gladly welcome new members. Basically our members reside in three geographical areas in BC, in the Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland and the majority on Vancouver Island.

Each year we celebrate Leliefontein but it is conducted as a “Black Hat” luncheon. Our numbers and the geographical spread will simply not allow a totally regimental event. I am sure you can appreciate that many of our Corps were cycled through the regiment during its sixteen years in Germany so a great number of those attending wore the badge at one time or another. Our association members reciprocate with the Strathcona’s at their Moreuil Wood celebration, which brings many old friends together, tales told and reminiscences recalled. This year we are trying to arrange the attendance of the Colonel Commandant for our Leliefontein lunch on 3 November at the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club so if you are in the area please join us. Pictures of the event will be posted following the lunch and you can view the million dollar home owners living here on the Left Coast. I add a special thanks to Fred Berg who has served the BC Chapter long, loyally and with distinction for so many years.

The photo attached is an embrace at the RCD Memorial Site in CFB Petawawa with the mother of Trooper Larry Rudd the last Dragoon to pay the final sacrifice in Afghanistan. I ask that you remember all our fallen and reach out to their families ensuring that they become part of our Association, our family, where ever they reside.

Darrell M Dean CD