The members of B Squadron are working diligently in preparation for Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 16. The level of co-ordination is extensive and includes liaising with other trades including 1st and 2nd line maintenance, weapons techs and EO techs to ensure the reliability and capabilities of the vehicles when boots start hitting the ground in April. There is a lot of organizing that takes place when moving a Squadron’s worth of armoured vehicles from one end of the country to the other. We are being very deliberate and methodical to ensure its success. B Squadron has personnel on the ground aiding the loading of the vehicles on flatbeds to head to Wainwright and has deployed MCpl Curich as part of the catch team at CMTC as well.

Further, we are preparing ourselves for departure by maintaining and exchanging defective kit as well as preparing our families for our extended absence. Overall, morale is higher than normal as we prepare for our departure to Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 16.
B Sqn Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 2016 Preparation
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