The purpose of the Army Cadet movement is not to train soldiers, but to “Build Better Citizens”. The Cadet activities today are geared to develop self-discipline, self-reliance, physical fitness and other useful skills for Canadian youth. Many of the activities are military in origin and the programme of personal and social development is based on discipline, but the overall objectives go far beyond learning how to master any one particular skill.

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets are not a part of the Canadian Forces, they are enrolled in the Cadet organization, are trained on a voluntary basis and are not obligated to serve for any specific time.

The Regiment currently sponsors three Royal Canadian (Army) Cadet Corps:

    2332 763 (Ottawa) Maj. E.J.G. Holland, VC Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
    2870 The Royal Canadian Dragoons RCACC
    137 Ashbury College Cadet Corps


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