This page, known as the Regimental Catechism, is presented here in order to educate the general public on who the RCD are and what traditions they obseve.  Within the unit itself a printed version is given to every new trooper who joins our ranks...and they must study it and know it by heart as it most likely they will be quized on its contents thoughout their military career.

Some general information can be found below.  For more indepth material we invite you to select one of the buttons on this page.

The Regimental Motto
AUDAX ET CELER:  Latin for "Bold and Swift".

noun: dra·goon

1. mounted infantryman: in European armies of the 17th and 18th centuries, a mounted infantryman armed with a carbine.

2. cavalryman: in armies of the late 18th and 19th centuries, a cavalryman, especially a heavily armed cavalryman. The word is retained in the names of some modern regiments that were originally cavalry regiments.

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The Regimental Title
The Royal Canadian Dragoons

RCD: Members of the Regiment maybe known and referred to as Dragoons.

Role of Armour
To defeat the enemy through the aggressive use of firepower and battlefield mobility.

Role of The RCD
To provide armour support and the armoured reconnaissance squadron to 2 CMBG operations.


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