From 28 September to 9 October 2015, C Sqn of The Royal Canadian Dragoons conducted a level 3.5 live range with elements of 2 in the Gagetown Training Area.  The level 3.5 scenario was based on a LAV platoon, augmented with a tank troop and FOO party.  In order to prepare for the live ranges, C Sqn first conducted a link-up with each Rifle Company of 2 RCR the week prior from 28 September to 2 October 2015 to establish clear SOPs.

The marry-up drills paid off when C Sqn deployed for the live fire ranges from 6 October to 9 October 2015.  During the live fire scenario, each Platoon Commander was tasked with destroying a prepared enemy location using the considerable assets at their disposal.  Whether utilized as a fire base or as intimate support, C Sqn’s Leopard 2 Main Battle Tanks provided much needed direct fire support, battle field mobility and protection to achieve mission success.
C Sqn Leopard 2A6 advances on an attack as intimate support with a section of infantry following behind using the tank as protection.
C Sqn Leopard 2A4 advances cross country with a section of infantry mounted on top as the Sqn trials the feasibility of ‘tank riders’.
C Sqn Leopard 2A6 fires on the enemy position from the fire base during the live fire portion of the exercise.
C Squadron - Level 3.5 Training with 2RCR
written by Captain Warren Lambie, 2 Tp Ldr
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