Ex STALWART GUARDIAN (SG) 2016 was an opportunity for D Sqn, the recently established Combat Support Squadron, to qualify its personnel on the C-16 Automatic Grenade Launcher System (AGLS) and the Raven Miniature Unmanned Aircraft System (MUAS). Simultaneously, our brethren from The Ontario Regiment participated in our firing ranges and integrated in our field training with 60 Regimental Reconnaissance Troop.

Ex SG began with a road move from Petawawa to Meaford, Ontario. As The Royal Canadian Dragoons await the influx of the TAPV in the upcoming year, we emphasize husbandry of the squadron’s remaining vehicle fleet. Not wanting to waste any time upon arrival, D Sqn dove headlong into training the following morning at Cambrai Range, firing the 25mm Bushmaster chaingun from the LAV25 Coyote. Fire Support Troop, or “Ogre” Troop, qualified its personnel on the C-16 AGLS while Raven Troop qualified its personnel on the Raven MUAS throughout. D Sqn, along with The Ontario Regiment soldiers conducted ranges involving the C-8 general service rifle, 9mm pistol, C-9 machine gun, C-6 machine gun, fragmentation grenades, and the favoured gas hut.

With the majority of the ranges compelte, D Sqn deployed to the Meaford training area for three days to transfer theoretical into practical learning for soldiers of each troop. Sprinkled into their midst were The Ontario Regiment personnel. 60 Troop spent their training dismounted to build their navigation and patrolling techniques while testing out kit and equipment to determine what worked best for the tasks they would most likely be given. For example, dismounted troops quickly found that filtration water pumps came in handy to reduce the weight each man was required to carry, but still remain hydrated throughout. Ogre Troop continued to hone their skills, testing varied techniques to pack, transport then set up the heavy AGLS in a tactical setting.

The training period culminated with a squadron-driven task involving a close reconnaissance task given to 60, a guard which allowed the AGLS troop to practice establishing defensive positions and hastily setting up the C-16, and a surveillance task for the MUAS troop. As a congratulatory experience for working diligently in the field, D Sqn completed the exercise with a pairs firing range where fire teams progressed through a dynamic firing lane designed to test team communication, team movement and managing arcs in a live fire environment.

After all the hard work, D Sqn partook in The Regimental smoker and returned to Petawawa to prepare for the next phase of the road to high readiness. The Demon Dogs of The Royal Canadian Dragoons will return to the field in October to build upon their skillset. We Stand together; we rise together!.
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