D Squadron
D Squadron, led by Officer Commanding Major Kevin Wong and Acting Squadron Sergeant Major Warrant Officer Matt Edwards, is the Combat Support (CS) Squadron within The Royal Canadian Dragoons. Transitioning into its new role in July 2016, D Squadron is typically a specialized squadron featuring a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Troop, Direct Fire Support (DFS) Troop, Regimental Reconnaissance Troop, and Signals Troop.

In June 2017, D Squadron shifted its focus to generating Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Troops in support of Op REASSUARNACE Rotation 9 and 10, Canada’s commitment to NATO assurance and deterrence measures in Latvia aimed to reinforce NATO’s collective defence and show the strength of Allied solidarity. Each Troop consists of Coyote Reconnaissance and Surveillance vehicles, RPA systems, and close reconnaissance capabilities.

In addition to operational commitments, D Squadron still has the task of maintaining excellence in close reconnaissance, RPA operations, DFS to include Regimental Command Post Defence & Security and TOW, as well as ensuring that the signals infrastructure and signals needs of The Regimental Command Post and the Squadrons are met. 

Formerly Reconnaissance Squadron, D Squadron was employed during WWII in Italy, Germany and as part of the liberation of Holland. Later, in 1959 the squadron relieved the 8th Canadian Hussars in the Sinai Desert as an attempt to bring stability to the region. In Sinai, Recce Squadron took part in the United Nation Emergency Force while operating in Egypt and Cyprus. The squadron was stationed in Lahr Germany from 1957-1959 and again as part of 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from 1970-1987. In 1999, Recce Squadron deployed to Kosovo as part of the Kosovo Force (KFOR). More recently, D Squadron was employed throughout Canada’s commitment to the War in Afghanistan. In 2003, the squadron was deployed to Kabul as part of Op ATHENA, and in 2005, deployed again to Kabul, where it provided the escort for the transition to Kandahar. Again in 2008, D Squadron deployed to Kandahar as part of the Task Force 3-08 Battle Group.
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