D Squadron
D Squadron, led by Officer Commanding, Major Chloeann Summerfield and Master Warrant Officer Troy Corbett, Squadron Sergeant Major is the Combat Support Squadron within The Royal Canadian Dragoons.  Transitioning into its new role in July 2016, D Squadron is a specialized squadron featuring a Mini Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (MUAS) Troop, a Fire Support Troop, a Regimental Reconnaissance Troop, an administration troop and a squadron headquarters.

Formerly Reconnaissance Squadron, D Squadron was employed during WWII in Italy, Germany and as part of the liberation of Holland. Later, in 1959 the squadron relieved the 8th Canadian Hussars in the Sinai Desert as an attempt to bring stability to the region. In Sinai, Recce Squadron took part in the United Nation Emergency Force while operating in Egypt and Cyprus. The squadron was stationed in Lahr Germany from 1957-1959 and again as part of 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from 1970-1987. In 1999, Recce Squadron deployed to Kosovo as part of the Kosovo Force (KFOR).

More recently, D Squadron was employed throughout Canada’s commitment to the War in Afghanistan. In 2003, the squadron was deployed to Kabul as part of Op ATHENA, and in 2005, deployed again to Kabul, where it provided the escort for the transition to Kandahar. Again in 2008, D Squadron deployed to Kandahar as part of the Task Force 3-08 Battle Group.

With an increasingly dynamic global situation, D Squadron is now refocusing to bring new capabilities to the Regiment. Combat Support Squadron can quickly detach task-tailored elements to the Regiment to provide increased surveillance, firepower or early warning and security, as required.

D Squadron consists of five troops: 41 (MUAS Troop) operates four Raven B Mini Unmanned Aerial Surveillance systems, providing the Regiment with a battle-tested, rapidly deployable and highly mobile low-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance intelligence capability. 42 (Fire Support Troop) provides a powerful direct fire capability, equipped with four C16 Automatic Grenade Launcher Systems (AGLS) and the C6 MG. 60 (Regimental Recce Troop) is equipped with LUVWs and provides a significant dismounted, mounted and reconnaissance capability, enabling higher headquarters to quickly and decisively employ combat power. Their stealth and flexibility enables Regimental Recce Troop to maximize security with timely, accurate and relevant combat information. Administration and Squadron Headquarters (SHQ) Troops are equipped with the LAV III, Bison (CP variant), MSVS and MLVW. SHQ provides the command and control element for the squadron while admin troop, the squadron echelon, enables prolonged autonomy by providing the squadron's resupply.
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MWO Gigacz
Squadron Sergeant Major

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Officer Commanding (acting)