A Squadron of The Royal Canadian Dragoons deployed to the Petawawa Rural Training Area for Ex CHARGING DRAGOON II from 16-20 Apr 18. The Squadron was comprised of three hybrid troops with both TAPV and Coyotes, an A echelon, Squadron command post, and a section of dedicated opposition force (OPFOR).

Troops were given 48 hours to employ the TAPV at the patrol and troop level for the first time. Conducting route recces, convoy escorts, and adopting observation posts (OPs), troops developed and refined drills with respect to TAPV employment in support of armoured reconnaissance tasks.

Maj Kevin Wong, OC A, then issued orders for the establishment of a 48 hour screen. Between the weather and snow depth, TAPV crews quickly realized the challenges came with this new platform.

Incorporating Army Reserve (ARes) soldiers strengthen the fighting force and provided leadership for the OPFOR, which was led by two ARes corporals. The leadership and tactical abilities of the OPFOR provided invaluable training for the squadron, enabling OPs to be compromised for poor cam and concealment, thus bolstering the tactical scenario.

The lessons learned with respect to TAPV employment will enable both The Regiment and Armoured ARes units of 4 Cdn Div to build and develop new armoured recce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) as a part of TAPV implementation and operationalization.

WO Andrew Fenton
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