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The Guild
The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons is a private, non-profit corporation with charitable status established by letters patent under the Canada Corporations Act in 1980 with the expressed primary objective "to protect, preserve and further the traditions and heritage of The Royal Canadian Dragoons." The Vision of The Guild is:

One strongly united Regimental family of former and serving Dragoons, encompassing the Unit, the Association Chapters, all past and present members, families and friends, dedicated to promoting family Quality of Life and upholding a proud tradition of outstanding service to the country by honouring our heritage as Canada’s senior armoured regiment.

The Guild is funded entirely by donations. Donors range from corporations interested in supporting The Guild to voluntary donations by serving Dragoons. The Guild operates four strategic thrust lines: Unity; History and Heritage; Quality of Life; and Operations. Key projects include the annual Leliefontein Bursary for post secondary education, the acquisition and upkeep of our distinctive Scarlet ceremonial uniforms, the production of the Springbok magazine and the operation of this website.

Individuals interested in donating to The Guild can simply click the donate button located on the right side of this page or contact The Regimental Second in Command at (613) 697-5511 extension 5649. As a registered Canadian charity The Guild issues tax receipts for donations.

Ways to Give

1. Unrestricted Giving: Annual unrestricted giving allows the Guild to direct donations to the most immediate and important programs. Donations can be mailed to the Treasurer or by clicking our link.

2. Restricted Giving: Our restricted Funds allow donors to donate directly to projects that have been approved by the Guild. Such projects include Unity events, History and Heritage, or Quality of Life initiatives. Further information on such projects can be addressed to the Guild Treasurer 613-687-5511 ext 5625.

3. Bequests: Giving by way of a bequest allow donors to have full use of their money throughout their lifetime, but can dedicate a portion of it in support of a cause they strongly believe in after they are gone.

4. Trusts: Some people wish to benefit a charity through their will, but feel they must provide for others first. A charitable remainder trust can help achieve both of these objectives.

5. Gift Matching: Many companies encourage their employees to give to charities through Matching Gift Programs. Some programs include matching donations made by current or retired employees, while others extend their programs to include matching the donations made by spouses, or widow(er)s. Please contact your employer for further details.

President's Annual Report of The Guild
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New By-Law No 1
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