Headquarters Squadron (HQ Sqn) is commanded by Major Atkinson, with Master Warrant Officer Slade as the Squadron Sergeant Major.  They are responsible for supporting The Regiment through Transport, Maintenance, and Quartermaster services; and in order to do so efficiently, HQ Sqn is divided as such.  It is also the conduit through which requests for additional services are accessed from 2 Service Battalion.

Transport Troop is commanded by Captain Aqiqi, with Warrant Officer Langdon as his Troop Warrant Officer.  They are responsible for various transportation requests from the Squadrons, including rental vehicle requests, troop lift requests using either the Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (HLVW), Medium Logistic Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW) and Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) as well as commodity, supplies, hazmat and material delivery.

Maintenance Troop is commanded by the maintenance officer, Captain Kilpatrick, who is a Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineering officer, with Master Warrant Officer Brideau as the Equipment Technical Quartermaster Sergeant.  They are responsible for coordinating Regimental first line maintenance activities, including real-time repair and recovery support to training, through the deployment of recovery assets (HLVW Wrecker, Bison MRV, and Leopard ARV) and Mobile Repair Teams.  They also coordinate the passage of 2nd line repair requests to Maintenance Company, 2 Service Battalion. Maintenance Troop comprises roughly thirty vehicle, weapons, electronics-optronics, and materials technicians, with another twenty technicians detached to the echelons of the sabre squadrons.

The Quartermaster Troop (QM Tp) is commanded by our Quartermaster (QM), Captain Leblanc, a Logistics Officer, with Master Warrant Officer Prince, a Supply Technician, as the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQ).  Together, they are responsible for the provision of sustainment support to The Regiment, including fresh food, ammunition, major equipment, warehouse stores, spare parts, locally procured items, and financial management of the unit’s Public Funds. QM Tp is staffed by a mix of support trades (Supply Technicians (Sup Techs) and Cooks) and Armoured Crewmen (Armd Crmn) and is comprised of three sections: Food Services (Food Svcs) Section, Technical Quartermaster Sergeant (TQMS) Section, and Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) Section.

Food Svcs Section is overseen by the Kitchen Officer (KO), Warrant Officer Lipp, The Regiment’s senior Cook, and is responsible for coordinating the preparation and provision of fresh meals to troops deployed to the field.

The Technical Sergeant (Tech Sgt), Sergeant Makkinje, a Sup Tech, oversees both the TQMS and RQMS Sections. Technical guidance on Major Equipment (Maj Eqpt) is provided to TQMS Section by the Technical Quartermaster Sergeant (TQ), Master Warrant Officer Barrett, the senior Armd Crmn in The Regiment. TQMS Section is also responsible for drawing, processing, and issuing a wide variety of ammunition and pyrotechnics to The Regiment when it deploys to the field.

RQMS Section is responsible for the acquisition, storage, distribution, and disposal of all Regimental stores, and also liaises with outside agencies such as 2 Service Battalion (2 Svc Bn) and 2 CMBG HQ on behalf of The Regiment. Technical guidance in these activities is provided by the RQ. Stores handled by the RQMS Section on a daily basis include but are not limited to: modular tentage, heaters, weapons, locally purchased items (e.g. pens, notebooks, etc), Depot stocked items (e.g. weapons sights, jerry cans, camouflage nets, etc), and spare parts.

QM Tp also has a detachment (det) of RQMS Section personnel in Gagetown supporting C Sqn. The det’s activities are overseen by the Tech Sgt, WO Poulin, a Sup Tech. C Sqn’s RQMS Det is responsible for all of the activities conducted by RQMS and TQMS sections in Petawawa, but on a smaller scale as they support only one squadron. There are also two cooks in Gagetown to support C Sqn when they deploy to the field.

The services of these three troops are coordinated through the Squadron Headquarters, led by Captain Dan Stephan, the Sqn Battle Captain.


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