With the completion of Ex Tomahawk Fury, B Squadron set their sights on the 2 weeks of Ex Maple Resolve that loomed ahead. With the important lessons learned taken into account, the Squadron went about preparations. Skills that had not been dusted off in some time, such as route classification or operating in contaminated CBRN environments were rapidly refreshed and rehearsed. Complex and innovative comms plans were put into place in order to combat the expected extensive enemy EW threat.

Deploying early in the evening, the Squadron was quickly under CBRN threat, with several call signs being hit by a CBRN mortar attack. As the rest of the RCD Battlegroup began the offensive, B Sqn practiced their new skills and underwent a full decontamination courtesy of an American CBRN decontamination company. On the tail of C Sqn, B followed and assumed eventually leading the Battlegroup to the LOE, establishing themselves in a screen line for the night.

In the dawn hours, synchronized with B Company, 1 RCR, B Sqn established a cordon around the small hamlet of Chovdar. B Coy was able to secure the objective without serious problems. In light of a serious enemy counterattack, the Battlegroup began to withdraw with B Sqn forming the rearguard and performing a delay. That night also coincided with the largest storm of the exercise thus far, creating a quagmire of the terrain, with no fewer than 16 vehicles needing recovery at one point during the night; the B Sqn Echelon completed the feat, working continuously throughout the night. Throughout the next day, B Sqn delayed the enemy, inflicting heavy losses until finally breaking clean at nightfall to move into the Battlegroup reserve hide.

From there B Sqn supported the Brigade defensive, establishing OPs, blocking positions and acting as counter-moves. With the attack defeated at high cost for both sides, B Sqn resumed the advance, securing the LD for the culminating attack. The final attack saw the Battlegroup assaulting an entrenched and prepared enemy. The enemy had arrayed themselves in a decentralized manner which prevented their suppression by indirect fires or CAS, utilizing their substantial number of tanks to inflict heavy casualties on the attacking forces. However, due to individual efforts of several Patrols and Crews, the enemy was defeated.

The lessons learned throughout the long week were invaluable to all who participated. From crew level operating procedures to large attacks at the Squadron level, to the efficient running of the CP and the continuous effort by the echelon to keep everyone moving, each level of command was tried and tested. After a year of hard work and build up, B Sqn could take pride in performing to the highest standard throughout the exercise.
Ex Maple Resolve
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