Prayers & Hymns

The RCD Hymn
(to the tune Ethelwald)

Solders of God! Arise
Lift up you battle cry,
In armour strong, in action wise
Prepare to die.
Rise o’er a fallen world
Your banner to the sky;
The Honours of your God Unfurl’d
The righteousness of fly!
In his great cause be brave!
Defend against the foe!
You go in Jesus’s name to save
The world from sin and woe.
The risen Lord of all
Preserve you from ill,
You shall find peace to hear the call,
And trust in God’s own will.

RCD Prayer 1

May we be strong in virtue,
Firm in time of trouble,
And always ready to help others in time of need.
May we be blessed by God,
As we share this food,
And as we live and work together,
For the good of all.

RCD Prayer 2

Blessed and Eternal God,
In whose providence our days are constantly surrounded,
We thank you for the challenge of life.
We praise you for the good we may do.
Help us to lay hold on every opportunity to serve others.
Inspire us to give our best in the cause of truth and righteousness.
When we carry the torch of enlightenment,
Or wear the cloak of privilege,
Or stand in the place of honour,
Enable us to dedicate ourselves to the welfare of humanity,
And the preservation of justice and love.
We thank you for the renewing of hope
That brightens the present and lightens the future.
Through this hope, make us not ashamed to defend your laws
And extend your kingdom.
Help us to improve the extent of our gratitude to you
By the depth of our devotion.
Use us as instruments of good will:
While there is doubt, or despair, or oppression:
Teach us to communicate faith and hope and courage.
Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands in
righteousness and peace.

Used when the Regimental Window was donated by BGen Bell in memory of all fallen Dragoons.


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