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Bonjour a tous, welcome to the Quebec Chapter link of our Regimental Association (Royal Canadian Dragoons) Website. I hope that you will find this link informative on all our activities and who is who in our Chapter. Our Chapter is quite small in numbers and covers a vast area in Quebec, from Montreal to Sherbrook to Quebec City to Trois Riviers and in between.

Because of our chapter being quite small and spread out over such a large region we have incorporated all our activities and made our home station with “The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) situated at 418 5 Cotes des Neiges Road, Montreal. This is a wonderful relationship and works well by associating all our activities. It is here at this Armoury that our Regimental Association got started back in 1974.

We welcome any member of our Regiment, any Black Hat or any member or friend of our Corps to come and join us to any of our activities. We also welcome new members and encourage former members of the Regiment that have retired and living in Quebec to join our Chapter. If you have any old or new photos of Regimental Life that you wish to share with everyone on the website would be appreciated and you may forward them to me and I will ensure they get on our photo gallery.

Enjoy your stay in Quebec and if you have any further question you may contact myself at home (450) 247-2545, or my Cell (514) 249-1908 or karlheinz009@sympatico.ca.