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MGen Macdonald (ret'd)
Colonel of The Regiment
William Smith (84)
May 2017

George Martin
May 2017

Michael Andrews (50)
May 2017

Royden Messer (87)
July 2017

Harold Hogan (48)
April 2017

Robert Dynerowicz (34)
April 2017

Vijay Ram (55)
April 2017

Terrence Blackburn (73)
january 2017

Jean Claude Gauvreau (75)
january 2017
Springbok 2016
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Mr. David Batten
Regimental Patron

The CO (LCol Auld) and RSM (CWO Hebert) serve up pancakes at the United Way Fund Raising breakfast (Petawawa).
Posted September 12, 2017
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Dragoon 2016
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Exercise Maple Resolve 2017
Posted August 8, 2017
With the completion of Ex Tomahawk Fury, B Squadron set their sights on the 2 weeks of Ex Maple Resolve that loomed ahead. With the important lessons learned taken into account, the Squadron went about preparations.

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The RCD Liberation of Leeuwarden Tune
Posted August 2, 2017
Mr. Eric Evenhuis, a resident of Utah, recently discovered a connection between his mother and The Royal Canadian Dragoons, and he reached out to us through our website -  a fascinating story unfolded!

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Kid's Christmas Party 2016
Posted January 18, 2017
On Sunday December 11th 2016 The Royal Canadian Dragoons hosted our annual Children’s Christmas Party. This year’s festivities were organized by B SQN, and held at the south side community center at Garrison Petawawa.

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Posted January 11, 2017
After a brief pause from the dynamic Leopard 2 live fire ranges conducted in late October, C Squadron RCD stood poised to take part in Ex Common Ground II conducted in Gagetown, NB, from 5-27 November as part of the 5CMBG Battlegroup.

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Posted November 30, 2016
Ex STALWART GUARDIAN (SG) 2016 was an opportunity for D Sqn, the recently established Combat Support Squadron, to qualify its personnel on the C-16 Automatic Grenade Launcher System (AGLS) and the Raven Miniature Unmanned Aircraft System (MUAS).

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Ironman Competition 2017: Photo Gallery
Ironman Competition 2017: Photo Gallery
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