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BGen Atkinson (ret'd)
Colonel of The Regiment
Mélissa Paquet (43)
May 2018

Norm Wood (92)
February 2018

Eric Latham (79)
February 2018

Robie Hancock (95)
February 2018

Andrew Reid (59)
January 2018

Donald George (78)
January 2018
Mr. David Batten
Regimental Patron
Exercise Maple Resolve 2017
Posted August 8, 2017
With the completion of Ex Tomahawk Fury, B Squadron set their sights on the 2 weeks of Ex Maple Resolve that loomed ahead. With the important lessons learned taken into account, the Squadron went about preparations.

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Regimental Specifics
D Squadron: Fall Training 2017
Posted October 23, 2017
With Regimental Individual Battle Task Standard (IBTS) training complete and soldier’s freshly qualified off of their Primary Combat Function (PCF) courses, D Squadron kicked off Fall collective training with Exercise SABOT DOGS from 26-30 September 2017.

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Gathering of Dragoons: Final SITREP

Ok Dragoons this is our final Sitrep.  Everything is organized, we are in the FUP, the echelon has everyone topped up and we are waiting for H-Hour.   The welcoming committee will be in the hotel lobby from 1500 hours on the Friday the 15th.  For those wanting to attend Dean Milner’s DWD, it is taking place at the Army Officer’s Mess on Somerset at 1400 for 1430 hours.  I have included a Parking map at the Boat launch should anyone wish to drive instead of taking the bus.  The finalized list of who is coming and the updated schedule of events is attached.  The golf pairings for Springbok golf are attached.   The address of the Hotel and the Boat Launch are included here as well.  The organizing committee and myself are looking forward to seeing everyone on the 15th .

Peter Atkinson
Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV)
Posted May 28, 2018
The Royal Canadian Dragoons saw an influx of Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV) in 2018. This meant a need for training the entire Regiment in driving and fighting this vehicle. Due to the initiative of many, training began immediately upon arrival of the new vehicle. This resulted in the continuous training of soldiers of The Regiment, and other units within 2 CMBG as well as the Army Reserve (ARes).

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Posted May 27, 2018
A Squadron of The Royal Canadian Dragoons deployed to the Petawawa Rural Training Area for Ex CHARGING DRAGOON II from 16-20 Apr 18. The Squadron was comprised of three hybrid troops with both TAPV and Coyotes, an A echelon, Squadron command post, and a section of dedicated opposition force (OPFOR).

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Leopard 2 Crew Commander & Gunner PCF course/C Sqn: Gallery
Leopard 2 Crew Commander & Gunner PCF course/C Sqn: Gallery
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