Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) is commanded by the Regimental Second-in-Command, Major Johnson and the Operations Warrant, Warrant Officer Langdon. RHQ is responsible for the Operations and Training and Administration of The Regiment as well as the Canteen and Archives. Through all these services, RHQ is able to effectively and efficiently ensure that The Regiment meets its training and operational objectives in addition to providing morale and welfare services for Dragoons.

The Operations Cell is led by the Operations Officer, Captain Lapointe, who ensures that the day-to-day training and operational objectives are met and supported as required. The Operations Cell ensures that all technical stores, inter-unit coordination, intelligence requirements, signals needs, and day-to-day execution of Regimental tasks are achieved. Field Troop provides the Commanding Officer and the Regimental Sergeant Major with their vehicles and crews to ensure the command team’s battlefield mobility. They also help set-up and secure the Regimental Command Post while in the field.

The Training Cell is led by the Assistant Operations Officer, Captain De Silva, and is responsible for PCF Courses and the planning and execution of other training under the CO’s direction and in coordination with the Operations Officer. Sergeant Landry, the Training Sergeant, and his staff ensure that The Regiment is filling its course loading requirements.

The Regimental administration requirements are organized by the Adjutant, Captain Butler, and executed by the Chief Clerk, Warrant Officer Slate. The Regimental Orderly Room (ROR), supervised by Sergeant Allison, ensures that expectations from the Adjutant and the Chief Clerk are met. The ROR is also the central location for the flow of all administration from the Sqn’s to the Adjutant and the CO.

The proud history of this Regiment is maintained and organized by Warrant Officer Milarchuk and his staff from Accounts and Archives. They ensure that delicate and timeless pieces of Regimental history are maintained, organized, and displayed. At this time they are currently working to digitize The Regimental historical collection in The Regimental Heritage Centre.

Sergeant Morrison runs The Regimental Canteen, Kitshop, and medal mounting services which provide Dragoons with a rest-easy to enjoy their lunches, a location to purchase all they need for Regimental PT gear and field kit, and the means by which to display their hard-earned medals on their Dragoon uniforms.


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