From 21-24 and 29 March 2016, the RQMS shop conducted their final Serial Number Accounting and Control (SNAC) for the fiscal year. This was a busy week as the rest of the Brigade, including the RCD, participated in Ex OLYMPIAN BEAR which meant there were very few personnel available to assist.  The RQMS had to verify 11 accounts which included approximately 2500 individual serialized line items.

The SNAC is completed quarterly and is required to verify our holdings of Serial Number accounted items. DND has a requirement to formally track certain items from their introduction into DND up to and long after their final disposal from inventory. A unique identifier is used to track the item’s history throughout its life span within DND. These can include a weapon's serial number; Serial numbers on Coyote Surveillance gear and radios; or a vehicle’s CFR number. An item is designated as needing serialized management tracked based on its operational importance, federal regulations (capital or accrual accounting policies), and legal or security laws and directives. Verifying these items every 3 months also allows the RQMS staff to maintain control as well as pick up any discrepancies within a reasonable amount of time, before it becomes a much bigger issue.

For account verifications, a Supply Tech and an Independent Checker (Senior NCO or an Officer from a different Squadron for impartiality) must physically inspect each item we are accountable for to verify the Serial Numbers.  On many occasions, items are out on loan.  Filling out DND 638 forms (loan cards) properly with legible printing is extremely important in order to expedite the verification process.  If a serialized item is deemed missing an investigation must be completed, the MP’s informed, as well as a notice send to the proper authorities in Ottawa.

The SNAC process is an important part of keeping track of all the expensive, important, and sensitive equipment the CAF owns.  With the help of everyone involved, this SNAC ran very smoothly and all items were accounted for.
RQMS Quarterly SNAC
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