Unosom-United Nations Operations in Somalia 1992 - 93 Camp Holland Matabaan, Somalia was the base camp to A Squadron from 1 January to 1 June 1993. It was named after Sergeant Holland of Leliefontein fame. The Commanding Officer of the Battle Group had assigned Zone 4 of the Canadian Humanitarian Relief Sector {HRS) to A Squadron. Camp Holland became the most northerly deployed element of the coalition, some 390 km from Mogadishu and 90 km from Belet Huen and the rest of the Battle Group. Their primary mission was to provide security for humanitarian relief operations. Secondary tasks included arms control and supervision of factional activity.

Two semi-permanent Observation Posts (OPs) were established to monitor the various factions. OP Antrim in Balen Balle was over 90 km to the northeast and OP Angus in Gun Ceel over 50 km to the east of Matabaan. Each troop became proficient at long range patrolling and living in isolation. Contact with the rest of the Squadron was limited to HF radio and SSM’s resupply every 48 hours. Life in the OPs was mostly routine, yet almost daily some events such as vehicle searches. striking a land mine, mass casualties at an overturned truck, capturing a Rhiopian partol. Or negotiations at the main gate would present new challenges to test the soldiers’ skills and courage. In May. the Squadron finally received the official orders for redeployment and there was much rejoicing. A company of Nigerians arrived on 25 May for a handover and the move to Mogadishu began on 1 June. The last flight arrived on 10 June and the Squadron had a final bash just before departing for some well deserved leave.


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