The badge worn by the Regiment originates from the Boer War. In July 1900 while a troop of the Regiment was on outpost duty in South Africa, all seemed quiet but a sentry reported to his officer that a number of Springboks, a South African gazelle, were bounding frequently into the air as though alarmed. The officer immediately ordered a stand-to in time to drive off an attack by a large party of Boers who had managed a stealthy approach to the outpost. The Commanding Officer, LCol Lessard, on hearing of this event, requested authority to take the Springbok bounding as the Regimental Badge. In 1913, Royal approval to wear the Springbok as the Regimental Cap and Collar badge was given. The badge designed is a Springbok bounding on a velt (grassed) surface surmounted on a scroll.


On 24 May 1893, the designated title of the Regiment, The Royal Canadian Dragoonswas authorized. Also authorized at this time was the wearing of The Royal Cypher V.R.I. surmounted by the Imperial Crown. The Royal Cypher of the present day is still worn on buttons of regimental pattern.


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