Established in perpetuity in 2014 by LCol (ret’d) Dean Tremblay, The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons Award for Volunteer and Community Service has the objective of acknowledging individuals who exemplify the strength of the military community, both in and out of uniform.  This is reflective of the leadership and selfless service inherent within our community volunteers, and more importantly that their commitment contributes directly to the mental and physical health of our friends and families.  Family instability is often a reality of life in uniform, and those who dedicate their time, energy and often personal resources to creating a climate where stability is increased should be recognized appropriately.  Their service is invaluable, and is entirely aligned with the vision of The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons and promoting family Quality of Life.


The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons Award for Volunteer and Community Service recognizes a member of the Regimental Family who demonstrates outstanding commitment to community service through volunteer work, both in and/or out of uniform.


Members of the Regimental Family - regardless of rank, occupation, or years of service - are eligible for nomination for this award.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will mirror the process currently in place for the Leliefontein Memorial Education Bursary, with the inclusion of LCol (ret’d) Dean Tremblay as a voting member.


Nominated candidates will have demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of community service that benefits the military families within the community.  Factors to be considered by the selection committee will be evidence of leadership and/or innovation in volunteering with the public, and/or community organizations for the wellbeing of citizens and communities directly associated with the Military Community.  For currently serving members, the following extra conditions must be submitted with applications:

o   Cover letter

o   Narration

o   Citation

o   MPRR

o   Supporting documentation (thank you letters, etc)

Nomination Guidelines

Annual nominations may be submitted by peers, subordinates, or supervisors alike.  Nominations for serving members should be submitted via the Regimental chain of command for furtherance to the selection committee.  Nominations for extended Regimental family can be submitted directly to the Secretary Treasurer of The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons.  A narrative that underscores the member’s suitability for the award must accompany all nominations.  The monetary award of $1,000 will be presented annually at the Leliefontein parade.  Deadline for nominations is 2 September.
Volunteer and Community Service Award
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