From the 11 - 21 October 2016, 1 Troop, B Squadron participated in Ex WALKING DRAGOON as part of the Regimental fall training cycle. The exercise took place in the vicinity of Renfrew County, covering areas such as Beachburg, Cobden, and Eganville and culminated in the Garrison Petawawa Training Area.

The exercise included many dynamic training scenarios involving our Troop. The various tasks competed by 1 Troop included convoy escorts, rear area security, presence patrols as well as a troop level live fire operation. Overall, the exercise maintained a high operational tempo from start to finish and incorporated all internal assets in order to ensure thorough training at all levels.

On 11 October, B Squadron commenced their training with a road move to the town of Beachburg, which allowed our drivers the opportunity to get familiar with city driving again. After receiving orders that night, one of 1 Troop’s initial tasks was to provide a convoy escort for a VIP from Beachburg to Eganville. Although there was some adversity along the route, such as vehicle breakdowns and route bypasses, we managed to successfully complete our task. Shortly after, our troop was also involved in security tasks, which saw us adopting a troop hide in the confines of Cobden Township. These tasks included framework patrolling and intelligence gathering in order to set conditions for follow on operations. Shortly after 24 hours of patrolling, B Squadron quickly changed its focus and provided flank security for the Brigade’s advance towards Petawawa.

After completing our training in Renfrew County we headed back to Garrison Petawawa for live fire operations. The range involved dynamic scenarios, which focused on our ability to effectively shoot, move and communicate. Our troop effectively applied recce tactics and movement by day and night to engage and destroy our objectives. Once the squadron consolidated, we received new orders to establish observation post focused on a possible enemy approach across the Ottawa River. We successfully established the enemy’s cycle of operation and provided information to higher. Lastly,

we conducted a convoy escort at the squadron level.

Ex WALKING DRAGOON was an excellent training opportunity for all involved. It also provided a dynamic and challenging platform for the squadron to incorporate PRes soldiers into our operations. We learned, we fought, and we accomplished all tasks in accordance with troop and squadron level battle task standards, another gateway completed on our Road to High Readiness.

B Squadron poses for a photo prior to executing a convoy escort during the final day of the exercise.
Lt Leonard and WO O’Neal discuss the Troop’s assigned tasks prior to executing presence patrols in Cobden.
Exercise Walking Dragoon 2016
by Cpl Jude Martin
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