Awareness & Communications

The Guild is dedicated to creating and maintaining a level of public awareness that generates interest in The Royal Canadian Dragoons while promoting Regimental Family unity through robust and effective information sharing

The Royal Canadian Dragoons is an Armoured Regiment, but being a Dragoon is a state of mind with shared values, courage, ethics and sense of family across our membership. “Once a Dragoon, always a Dragoon” is a common motto that demonstrates our sense of family. The Regimental family has entrusted the Guild to maintain and enhance our shared awareness through effective communications and information sharing. Keeping an active and robust information flow is critical to promoting our collective understanding of Regimental Family accomplishments/milestones.

A common myth is that the Guild is for the old guard (retired members), but this organization is committed to supporting the whole Regimental Family – active and retired members as well as their families. The Regimental Family is well represented across the country through chapters of the RCD Association and this presence is reflected in the Guild, thereby promoting a more inclusive organization. This collective effort promotes a series of interconnected mechanisms and platforms to enable wider universal awareness and promote our history and heritage.

The Guild manages and supports the exchange of information into the public domain and across the Regimental Family through::

- A Guild website that is a central hub for information, news and history.

- Social media platforms such a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to pass current news and events.

- Distributing periodic update messages from elements of the Regimental Family.

- Participating in mounting displays, events and community relation activities to raise public awareness of The Regiment. Your generous donation helps us provide and maintain these platforms to ensure effective communications across the Regimental Family and with the general public

Military members and their families.
Military members and their families.

Other initiatives that may be of interest: