As a unit of the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCD could be changed, renamed or even disbanded by the Government. Protecting and enhancing the heritage of the Royal Canadian Dragoons is a keystone function of the Guild to ensure its continued recognition as a key part of our nation’s evolution and accomplishments.

To this end, the Guild aims to ensure the historical accuracy of our collections and promote the education of the public about the unit, providing future generations with a living testimony to what it means to “Be a Dragoon”. The generous support of the Guild members, the public at large and various corporations/organizations is needed to protect our heritage, please consider donating to the Guild to help this worthy cause.

Regimental Artifacts. The Guild is charged to collect, restore and safeguard artifacts of Regimental significance to include vehicles, uniforms, weapons, medals, equipment and correspondence. As available, artifacts will be procured and/or purchased and added to our growing collection. These will also be displayed and potentially loaned out as a part of promoting unit history and raising awareness. An example is the Guild’s ownership of two of the three Victoria Crosses won by the Regiment in Leleifontein, South Africa on 7 November 1900, one of which is currently on loan to ????. If you know of something unique of Regimental significance, please contact us so we might discuss adding it to our collection and saving our history.

Displays. Like every family who keep things as they travel through life, The Guild recognizes that having a great military history collection must have relevance and be used and/or seen to be of any value –

otherwise it’s just “stuff” taking up space. The Guild is actively developing numerous ways to make sure our “stuff” is seen through a number of different methods and raises awareness:

· We are very active in supporting the serving Regiment who are serving today in what will be the next chapter in our history through the provision/loan of historically relevant equipment, artifacts and displays to uphold Esprit de corps within the unit while instilling pride in being a Dragoon.

· We have established “Dragoon Park” at Canadian Forces Garrison Petawawa as a tribute to our fallen and to display/describe the vehicles used by the unit through history.

· We have collected and/or recreated historical uniforms that are used in ceremonies, parades, functions and displays.

· We participate in fairs, gatherings and events across the country.

Scarlet Guard and Mounted Troop. A large part of instilling pride across the Regimental Family is the procurement, maintenance and upkeep of the RCD Scarlet Guard. This includes the fitting of our cadet Corps with appropriate ceremonial representation to instill connection and pride of wider Canadian history for our future leaders. This visible memory of our history is a key aspect of preserving our historical connections and is 100% funded by the Guild through generous donations.

Historical Vehicle Collection. In addition to the monuments in Dragoon Park as a key component to preserving our history as a mounted unit, the Guild supports the procurement, preservation, restoration and maintenance of vehicles that the unit has operated across time. Through the dedication of our volunteers and Guild funding, we are ensuring that future generations are able to witness the moving history of the Regiment through our fully restored and operating vehicles. With any such project, we encourage like-minded people to donate vehicles, parts or funding to support this worthwhile effort.

Dragoon Official History Projects. As part of our Centennial Anniversary in 1983, our unit history book “Dragoon” was produced but quickly sold out, leading to a requirement for a second run at. As well, The Regiment also has published a pictorial history and a second history volume covering our second century so far. While all publications are available for purchase, support for future publication runs is needed in order to thoroughly preserve our official history. Publications are available through our website but your generous support is needed keep these significant pieces of history available into the future.

In today’s fiscal environment, your donations are needed to ensure the heritage of The Regiment is preserved and represented with the pride befitting our storied history.

Historical items from the Boer War
Historical items from the Boer War

Other initiatives that may be of interest: