Regimental Family Small Business Registry

One of The Guild’s initiatives is to promote Regimental Family (and veteran) owned businesses as an option for providing the services our Regimental Family members need as a visible demonstration of family helping family.

We all need services and support during our everyday lives just to manage our affairs/property but we don’t always know where to start with confidence. The Guild’s Small Business Registry goal is to provide a list of known Regimental Family/veteran service providers to assist our family members in getting the support they need.

Many members of the Regimental Family (and wider veteran community) have established small businesses as an opportunity to pursue their passion and continue helping others. Additionally, there are many organizations that have supported the Regimental Family over time. As a business, if you want to do more to support the Regimental Family and veterans in general, you can place and ad free of charge.



DISCLAIMER: The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons provides this service free of charge but assumes no liability of the service quality and/or cost, which remains completely between the contracting parties (Regimental Family member and business)