The regimental family advisory council (rfac)

The Regimental Family Advisory Council (RFAC) advises and supports the Guild Board of Directors in identifying the Regimental Family’s needs, developing proposals to support activity implementation and supports the monitoring of activity success in line with the Guild’s Purposes. It interacts with all elements of the family to determine where Guild charitable activities would be most beneficial and promotes Regimental Family awareness of Guild activities.

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The RFAC is responsible to the Guild Board of Directors for:

  • Soliciting and receiving ideas for projects and activities that provide support to the Regimental Family.
  • Investigating, developing and presenting detailed proposals and estimates for Board approval.
  • Supporting the implementation of approved proposals and the development of other projects/activities as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Monitoring and gauging the effectiveness of Guild projects with Regimental Family members.

If you have an idea on how your Guild can support the Regimental Family, the RFAC is the place to reach out. Our dedicated volunteers are standing by to receive your ideas.  

Our dedicated volunteers are standing by to receive your ideas.  If you want to discuss your ideas first, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on one of the buttons below:

If you want to see the full RFAC mandate is, or its current activities are, please click on the buttons below.