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The Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) is Canada's senior armoured regiment and is supported by the Regimental Family

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What is the
Royal Canadian
Dragoons Family?

The Royal Canadian Dragoons Family

The Regimental Family is centred on the Canadian Armed Forces’ senior Armoured Regiment, the Royal Canadian Dragoons. Being a member of the unit, or immediate family of a member, is the key criteria for being a family member.

Being a member of the RCD is becoming a Regimental family member for life — Once a Dragoon, always a Dragoon.

​The Regimental Family of The Royal Canadian Dragoons is a collection of people who have the common bond of serving in Canada's Senior Cavalry Regiment.  Someone is considered a Dragoon Family member when they are:

- a serving, former, retired member of The Regiment who wore the Springbok.
- any  member of the Canadian Armed Forces of any rank and from any military occupation/classification serving with or who have served with The Regiment.
- employees and contractors of the Government of Canada who have worked with and for The Regiment.
- all immediate family members of any person recognized as a "Dragoon".
- a member in good standing of a Cadet Corps affiliated with The Regiment.

If you think that you are a Regimental Family member or want to become a Friend of The Regiment, list please contact us here!!


Available Publications


Available at the RCD Kitshop
31 Passchendaele Rd., Bldg. C-57
Petawawa, ON, K8H 2X3

613-687-5511 Ext 7505


Available at the RCD Kitshop
31 Passchendaele Rd., Bldg. C-57
Petawawa, ON, K8H 2X3

613-687-5511 Ext 7505

What is The

The Royal Canadian Dragoons

The Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) is the senior armoured regiment of the Canadian Army by precedence. It is one of three armoured regiments in the Regular Force and forms part of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps.


Formed on December 21, 1883 as the Cavalry School Corps, The Royal Canadian Dragoons is the senior cavalry regiment in the Canadian Army and was Canada's first professional, full-time cavalry unit. It was originally organized as a troop (the then-company-sized British Army cavalry maneuver sub-unit, today regarded as a squadron) and was commanded by Captain (Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel) J.F. Turnbull of Quebec City's Queen's Own Canadian Hussars.

Royal Canadian Dragoons Springbok

What is the

The Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons

As a registered charity funded entirely by donors, the Guild supports Canada’s senior armoured regiment and the Regimental Family in their time of need.

Being a member of the RCD is becoming a family member for life — Once a Dragoon, always a Dragoon.

The Guild recognizes the special sacrifices of our women & men in uniform and the hardships of military service by meeting a humanitarian need beyond that normally provided by the Government of Canada.  Additionally,  the Guild preserves the artifacts and lineage of Canada’s oldest, continuously serving Regiment.

The vision of the Guild articulates three distinct objectives: Quality of LifeHeritage & Heritage and Awareness & Communications. These three “thrusts” are the focus of our funded projects and programs.

The Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons Springbok crest

about the RCD Guild and how you can help those who serve our nation.

What is the

The Royal Canadian Dragoons Association

The Royal Canadian Dragoons Association is dedicated to fostering, maintaining and promoting the traditions, well being and esprit de corps of The Regiment.

We are composed of retired and serving members of the Regiment and those who have served with and supported The Royal Canadian Dragoons both at home and abroad.

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Regimental Periodicals

The Regiment has had a long-standing tradition of documenting unit activities and those serving. These documents provide an excellent source for unit personnel, key activities and achievements through the ages.

The Springbok has traditionally been published each year by the Regiment. The Goat is a Regimental publication covering unit deployed operations.

The Dragoon is produced by the RCD Association to catalogue their annual activities.

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