123rd Anniversary of the Action at Leliefontein


I would like to wish all Dragoons a great day as we celebrate the 123rd anniversary of our Battle of Leliefontein. It is a significant day in our history and an excellent opportunity for our Regimental Family to gather and remember this important battle where we won three Victoria Crosses. Our Regiment did us proud on the weekend by organizing a tremendous Leliefontein Mess Dinner gathering followed by a first class, well attended Leliefontein Parade on a beautiful day in Petawawa on 04 November. Our troops were impressive and their performance on parade was excellent, fully understanding their current challenges and deployment tempo. On behalf of all of Dragoons I would like to thank the Commanding  Officer, Nick Forsythe and RSM Chris Leblanc for their excellent leadership and hospitality during the Leliefontein events.

Our Guild presented two bursaries of $5,000 to family members (Evan Nickerson and Caroline Cameron) and the Guild continues to focus on the quality of life of our troops to include supporting the updating of the Regimental Canteen.  Our next big efforts will be updating our museum displays at the Base Petawawa Museum, and planning for both the 125th Anniversary of Leliefontein and the 80th anniversary of Leeuwarden in 2025.  Exciting times indeed!

Dean Milner

Colonel of the Regiment, The Royal Canadian Dragoons