Awarding the Guild Distinguished Service Award

As part of the very successful reunion this past weekend, the Guild was honoured to be able to present the Guild’s Distinguished Service Award to Gene Lake for his tiredless and unwavering support of the Regimental Family.

As a charity whose work is reliant on volunteers, the GUILD determined the necessity of recognizing persons or organizations who give distinguished service over time that directly help the GUILD achieve success in executing its mission.

Mr Lake has been extremely proactive with the Guild, offering ideas of support in many different areas. He has always pressed for support to our Regimental Family and recently offered direct support to our five soldiers who recently visited Leeuwarden during our 2023 celebration of the Liberation of Leeuwarden. He was close with the Bennett family and has been instrumental in supporting the Annual Bennett Memorial Golf tournament held each year in Gagetown. He donated an excellent hand carved trophy for the winners of the annual event. He has helped directly with the support to the Regimental Gym and he has offered on many occasion to support the purchase of kit and equipment that has a positive impact on morale. His donations and volunteer support have extended the Guild’s ability to support the Regimental Family, exemplifying  the best virtues that are called upon for this award.