A Farewell to two Outstanding Guild Directors

On 16 April, the Guild bid a fond farewell to two of its Directors as their terms came to an end. The President, Dean Milner was very proud to present Guild Staghound trophies to these well-deserving directors for their stalwart and passionate work for the Regimental Family.

Bill Fulton has done an amazing job managing the Governance portfolio to ensure that the Guild remain compliant with legal requirements of a charitable corporation as well engaging other directors to ensure new projects, processes and procedures were aligned with our corporate framework/vision and core documents. Bill heads off for some well-deserved rest but promises to remain engaged with the Regimental Family.


Paul Riganelli came to the Guild as an experienced Chief Financial Officer and easily took the mantle as our CFO. His sage advice and council has done wonders to the Guild’s ability to manage its funding as well as expanding our charitable programs. His detailed financial updates and “non-Army” perspective will be missed by the Board. Paul will return to his civilian life but will always have a place as part of the Regimental Family.

We would also be remiss if we didnt welcome our new directors to fold: Dyrald Cross as the Governance Director and Franca Gagliano as the Chief Financial Officer.  We are very excited to have these two excellent people join the Board as we continue our efforts to support the Regimental Family.

All the best moving forward and stay in touch!!