Royal Canadian Dragoons Guild

Depart with Dignity – Lieutentant Chris Pynn

Chris will be medically releasing from the military in September after a successful career

Christoper joined the army in 2002 as an Armoured Crewman. His very first job in the Armoured Corps was as a Leopard 1 Gunner in B Sqn of the Royal
Canadian Dragoons but also qualified as a lethal 25 mm Coyote Gunner. The majority of Chris’ crewman career was spent at the Regiment in Petawawa but he also had stops in the leadership and recruit school, the manouevre training centre.

In 2020 he commissioned from the ranks and was posted back to The Regiment at the lofty rank of Lieutenant in both B and HQ Sqns.

Over his career, Chris deployed overseas three times: Bosnia, Afghanistan and Latvia

In his spare time he enjoys growing his hair and wrenching on old cars and motorcycles, which he even sometimes manages to fix and ride. His daughter Valentine is 15 years old and is his pride and joy. As part of his vocational rehab, Chris will traveling out west to complete the Haley Davidson Technician course and upon completion of that, he plans to open a motorcycle lifestyle and cooperative maintenance shop close to home.


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