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As a registered charity funded entirely by donors and operated by volunteers, the Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons supports Canada’s senior armoured regiment and the Regimental Family.

The Guild recognizes the special sacrifices of our women and men in uniform (past and present) and the hardships of military service by improving Quality of Life and meeting a humanitarian need beyond what would  normally be provided by the Government of Canada. Additionally, the Guild promotes and preserves the artifacts and lineage of The Royal Canadian Dragoons and communicates extensively with the Regimental Family and the public.

We encourage everyone to explore our website to understand how we support the Regimental Family through our charitable programs.  Any questions regarding giving, our giving options, or the amount of tax relief given for a donation(s), please contact the Guild’s Chief Financial Officer – we’re here to help!


All donations to the Guild are eligible for an income tax deduction!  It’s a great way to reduce your taxable income and save money while giving you flexibility to manage your donations to best fit your situation..

We focus on delivering our charitable programs.  Many potential donors are concerned with the large cost of administration and internal costs – The Guild is not one of those organizations and works hard every day to maximize our ability to make a difference!

Setting up your giving online is simple.  We all know that we are busy people.   On our donation site, we gratefully receive either one-time or monthly donations that you can choose, and manage.  Of course creating a recurring donation is by far the simplest and most stable method to support your Regimental Family.  Much like a normal pay allotment, your recurring donation would be sent to the Guild every month from the account of your choosing and everything is automated through the site.  Do it once and your donation takes care of itself, including tax receipts come tax time!!!  .

No amount is too small!  We all know that our ability to help causes that mean something to us/our Regimental Family can change over time based on a number of circumstances/situations.  The Guild is thankful for every donation and can help adjust your giving over time to best suit your personal needs as you/your family go(es) through life.

The Guild offers multiple ways to best fit your giving.  The Guild offers multiple options for supporting your Regimental Family.  We are sure that one (or more) will suit you and your family’s needs/capability as you go through life.  Working with you, we will enable your decision-make for an option that best suits your desires

We offer briefings and consultations to inform your giving options.  Our fundraising and financial team will gladly engage you to make sure you have all the information before you give on all the options, the exact steps to take for each of these options to enable your decision-making.  We also offer general information sessions to help raise awareness about giving, whether it’s an individual engagement or a group session (like briefing an organization/group) to help you get the information you need for informed decision-making.

We strongly encourage you to visit the various sections of our website to better understand who we are and how we help others.  You can also direct questions to our capable team of volunteers.  If you are ready to Support the Regimental Family of The Royal Canadian Dragoons with a donation, you can:

Donate to the Guild through our Partner Donation Platform – The easiest way to support your Regimental Family without interruption through your life is to donate online.  This flexible option is available for everyone, whether you are still serving, retired or a friend of The Regiment. It’s secure, without the hassle of renewing every year like United Way, or being interrupted when using the Canadian Forces pay deduction system when you retire. This method allows you to adjust your support to the Regimental Family through easy monthly deductions or single donations that best suit your giving plans.

When you are ready, click on the donate now link at the bottom of the page – this takes you to our donation engine page.  Then follow the steps to make your donation.  If you have any issues, feel free to contact us and we can go through it together.

Canadian Armed Forces Pay Deduction: While serving in the Armed Forces, making a deduction is as easy as going to your Orderly Room clerk and designating a monthly deduction right from your pay using the code Y007. You fill out a form and voila, you are supporting your Regimental Family every month!  You can also change to amount of your giving as your plans mature by visiting your Orderly Room/Pay Clerk.

Directing you donations for The United Way Campaign to the Guild:

The United Way and Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign also allows you to direct your giving to the GUILD.  In Box 3 of the donation form, name the Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons (registration number 119236347 RR 0001) as your designated charity, it’s as simple as that.

 Traditional cheques through the mail: We also accept donations through the regular mail by making your cheque payable to “The Guild of the Royal Canadian Dragoons” and sent to:

Guild of The Royal Canadian Dragoons
Worthington Barracks
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa
391 Menin Road
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3

Regt 2IC and Guild Treasurer
The Royal Canadian Dragoons

Planned Giving Options: We also offer planned ways of giving so that you can leave a lasting impact on the Regimental Family in the latter years of your life or when you/your family passes on.  Our flexible donation instruments provide a very favourable tax advantage and provide a meaningful gift to the GUILD while leaving the estate intact for benefactors.  We are standing by to provide detailed information to help your decision-making on Planned Giving options that could include: Wills and Bequests, Gift annuities, Gifts of life insurance, Charitable Remainder Trusts, A Gift of Property, Gifts of RRIFs and RRSPs, and/or Gifts of listed securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds).  Our Fundraising Team is standing by to fully explain all the details of our planned giving options, including the amount of tax relief given for the different donation options – we’re here to help you make an informed decision!


Guild Supported Cadets on the Confidence Course
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