Ironsides 2023

The Guild is happy to pass on this very exciting news from the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Director:

Good-day, Bonjour!

I am reaching out to bring awareness to this year’s Armour Corps Bonspiel, which will be held in Kingstonon 31 Mar – 1 Apr 2023.

This year marks the 43rd year of our annual spiel – and once again I am sure the event will be well supported.

I encourage all Regiments and Associations to consider sending a team to Kingston. While I realize that there are constraints around publicly funded travel, our Corps has always proven resourceful in aligning legitimate travel with this great opportunity.

The Corps remains grateful for the many Associations that continue to see this as an important family gathering by resourcing deserving soldiers’ participation – as it is events like this that add to our cultural fabric.

Il n’est pas toujours facile de réunir des équipes de partout au pays afin de participer et la sollicitation constante des unités augmente le défi, mais l’équipe de Kingston a maintenu le coût de l’événement aussi bas que possible afin de permettre, avec une certaine prévoyance, que certains membres puissent bénéficier d’une occasion d’établir de nouvelles relations au sein de notre Corps et de se remémorer une partie de son histoire en interagissant avec les anciens combattants.

The Corps continues to support important events like Ironsides, the annual Henry Sampson Golf Tournament, and the Corps BBQ in Perth, not to mention the Corps conference. Pour moi, c’est la preuve de l’incroyable esprit de corps qui est bien vivant tant chez nos anciens combattants que chez nos membres en service.

Please consider your participation – which can be confirmed by completing the enclosed registration form and sending it on to our coordinators in Kingston.


Col Fraser Auld
Director of the Royal Canadian Armour Corps
Directeur du Corps Blindé Royal Canadien

Please note that:
a. the POCs for 2023’s IRONSIDES are WO Mike Richard and MWO Chris Keith(cc’d); and
b. a note from the organizer and the registration form are attached.

Registration Letter                                                         Registration Form