The Canadian Army Trophy (CAT) 2024 – CANADA WINS!!

The Guild is proud to announce to the Regimental Family that the Canadian Army Trophy (CAT) tank competition formally lives again.

After a 33 year absence, this NATO tank gunnery competition but has been successfully rejuvenated in 2024 at the Ādaži training ground in Latvia with the support of the CAF presence in Latvia.  Last run by NATO in 1991, the aim of CAT is to test tank gunnery precision and speed across the participants.

Credit: Lt Jennifer Kusche, Canadian Forces Combat Camera, Canadian Armed Forces Photo

This year saw competitors from 7 nations: Canada, Italy, Poland, Norway, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, it was a close competition.

The 2024 winners of CAT was Canada, from C Squadron of The Royal Canadian Dragoons with the team from the UK coming a close second. C Squadron is deployed in Latvia as part of Canada’s Enhanced Force Protection Battle Group.

The Guild and Regimental Family wishes to congratulation all the participants and their supporters for their outstanding efforts and bringing CAT back to life.

As more information is made available through official channels, we will provide updates but until then, here are some links to video clips: