wall of recognition 1


The Guild is pleased to announce the next evolution of our donor recognition program.

In the past, donors have been recognized more informally and on a more year-by year basis.  We lacked an enduring, visible form of recognition to publicly and physically acknowledge those who support our efforts – turning our vision into reality.

The  central component of this update effort is the establishment of a “Wall of Recognition” in the new Regimental building on Garrison Petawawa where it will be proudly located in a prominent place. The WoR has been created not only as a fundraiser, but to permanently recognize our supporters.  To be eligible for the WoR, make a one-time donation of at least $300.00.

With this new initiative, our approach will be to continue to recognize past donors but only new donations will be eligible for getting a plaque by meeting established criteria.  Full details on the Wall and how you can apply can be found at https://dragoons.ca/about-the-dragoons/dragoons-guild-charity/wall-of-recognition/.