Update: CWO(RSM) JGJP (Mike) Lussier, Retired – Father of Col Andy Lussier, RCD

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We have the sad task of passing along an update from Col Andy Lussier (RCD) regarding his father, CWO (ret’d) Mike Lussier, former RSM 12eRBC. Mike has been diagnosed with an aggressive disease that has worsened significantly over the past few weeks. As a small Corps, we are sure that many will know Mike and certainly know Andy as a member of the Regimental Family..

From Col Lussier:

“He has made the courageous decision that instead of lying in bed, getting progressively worse and suffering, he would prefer the dignity of going out on his terms and has chosen end of life protocols. My dad is nothing if not decisive…”

As of now this is his plan:

End of Life, 4 Oct

Service TBC (Farnham), either

– option A 8 Oct,

– option B 15 Oct.

With either option, the internment will be the following day in Sutton.”

Andy is still available on DWAN as he is the last few weeks before he retires. You can reach him by his email at anderw.lussier@forces.gc.ca if you require any more details or wish to pass along your condolences. Andy is enroute to Granby tomorrow to finalize the details and I am sure he will have more information in the coming days.