Corps Assn Mess Dinner

The Corps is happy to announce that they will hold an officer's mess dinner as part of the Corps Conference in Ottawa.  


On behalf of the RCACA we would like to invite you to a special Black Hat BBQ hosted at The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum in Oshawa, ON. This is a […]

Celebration of life for LCol(ret’d) John Beswick

Details of the funeral and celebration of life for John Beswick. Ceremony starts at 11am on Sunday 25 Jun at the Elmwood Cemetery, 165 Dufferin Rd, Perth ON  K7H 3B3, […]

Karol Galas Funeral

The celebration of life for Captain (Retd) Karol Galas will be held at Beechwood Cemetery 1000 hrs, 11 July 2023.  A reception will follow the service; anyone staying for the […]

Q3 BoD meeting

The Guild Board of Directors will holder their next meeting on 26 July. We hope to have the majority of the Directors in personal attendance.  More details will be posted […]


Families and Friends of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps It is with great pleasure that I can confirm that the annual Corps BBQ in Perth, ON, will be held on […]

Bennett Memorial Golf Tournament

We are happy to announce the return of the Bennett Memorial Golf Tournament, hosted by the Association's Atlantic Chapter and supported by the Guild and C Squadron of the Regiment […]