Guild Survey – Location of retired Guidons & the King’s Banner

Ladies & Gentlemen, We are seeking your input on how we (as a Regimental Family) want to move forward with respect to conserving and displaying our retired Guidons (1-4) and the King’s Banner After the consecration of the Regiment’s 5th Guidon and retirement of our 4th, the Guild Board of Directors, in concert with the Regiment and Regimental Family, have been investigating the best solution for conserving our Guidons on a more holistic level. At the same time, we have been developing plans to renovate and update the RCD Gallery at the Petawawa Garrison Museum. Part of this redesign has been the consideration for making our Guidons a central feature of our display. Here is a bit of background for your information before presenting the options: 1. The current status and location for each retired Guidon/Banner is: a. The Standard or Blue Guidon has been conserved and is on display in the RCD Gallery, The CFB Petawawa Military Museum. b. The King's Banner (Union Flag) hangs on a wall in a glass case at the HQ / Regimental lines. c. The 2nd Guidon was 'Laid-Up' on 2 September 2015 in St. Georges Chapel, CFB Petawawa and hangs free. d. The 3rd Guidon was "Laid-Up" on 27 April 2012 in the Hall of Colours at Beechwood National Military Cemetery in Ottawa and hangs free. e. The 4th Guidon has been secured in regimental lines after the 9 Dec 2022 parade and is rolled up in its case. 2. Tradition notes that when too old to use, Guidons are replaced and then laid-up in museums, religious buildings and other places of significance to the Regiment but remain the property of the Crown in perpetuity. Per Canadian regulations military Heritage regulations, when Military Colours are honourably retired and laid-up, they are left to decay and disintegrate, normally on their pikes or lances, until they cease to exist. Retired colours shall never be restored or conserved. Custodians shall ensure that laid-up and deposited Colours are kept on display to the general public. 3. Modern conservation practices today see many units Canadian and Allied units conserving and protecting their retired colours use the latest in museum industry practices/methods as allowed by the regulation above. Some highlights include: Laying them flat without folds/wrinkles, in sealed acid-free cases, minimizing exposure to UV rays and avoiding direct handling without gloves. 4. Moving of our Guidons require coordination with, and approval from, DHH. THE SURVEY

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