Update # 2 – Early Bird Special for RV2024

Happy Saturday to All

Below is a message from the RCD Assn President on an Early bird registration special:

“Good Day All, hope all is well with you and you are having an enjoyable last wknd in Feb.  You will recall at the Jan online Assn mtg, we discussed two items to give something back to the membership at the reunion in June.

  • One was a registering Association member who registered with the hotel, we’d put their name in a draw to pay their accommodations (room only) for the 2 nights 14 & 15 June.
  • The other was a [ticket] for an adult beverage on us at the Meet & Greet.

The beverage draw will be at the Meet and Greet on 14 Jun 24.  The accommodations draw will take place during the evening dinner 15 Jun 24 [proof of hotel accommodations required].”

The 50th Anniversary Preparations are going along well, however registrations are as always slow at this point. Although everyone we speak to has all good intentions on attending the reunion but actual commitment is not seen. As always I respectfully and humbly ask you to please register.

So far we have 47 participants.  It’s a good number because people don’t always commit till later but for planning purposes, we need to understand the complete size we are looking at. Will it be 100-200-300 or more by 1 May? Time will tell.    The intent is to place a list of participants on the this and the association web page to let people know the great people they will see.

I ask you look at your calendars and if you are going to commit please do so.  If you have any questions please email Denis Lesveque or call at 613-484-9234.

We are an Association we don’t have a Bar but we do Serve Friendship!

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